Hospitality Plus Receptionist Training™

Hotel receptionists welcome guests as they arrive at the hotel. They provide the first and vital impression guests have of a hotel, whether meeting in person or answering the telephone. Receptionists reflect the public image of the hotel; it is very important that they make guests feel welcome, answer their queries and promote the facilities of the hotel.

  • A receptionist’s job includes general clerical work, word processing, operating the switchboard and fax machine.
  • Hotel receptionists liaise with other departments of the hotel such as housekeeping staff to determine when a room is available for use, and with porters to give assistance to guests. Interpersonal skills and being a team player is essential.
  • Clear speech, a polite manner and a high standard of personal appearance are important qualities in a receptionist.
  • You must be calm and well organized, even when working under pressure.
  • The receptionist is usually the first person to receive a customer complaint, so you must have excellent customer service skills, tact, and know when to refer a case to the manager.
  • Administrative work requires accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Receptionists must be familiar with handling cash, credit cards, checks and foreign currency.
  • The reception may also deal with correspondence, so you may require secretarial and typing skills. The ability to speak a foreign language will always be useful.
  • You should be able to operate standard office equipment, such as computers, photocopiers and fax machines.

Hospitality Plus Receptionist Training™ provides you the knowledge and the tools to give you that edge over others applying for the same position. It allows you to command a higher salary or to work for a superior establishment.

For a hotel owner it provides the opportunity of hiring well trained staff and training their existing staff.

Hospitality Plus Receptionist Training™ is available on line as an e-book, as well as a manual that can be mailed to you. Passing an on line test will give you the Hospitality Plus Receptionist Certification.